Ideas To Create An Engaging Social Media Wall In 2022

Putting your brand or business in front of people has evolved drastically. Social Media Walls are the latest trend in the marketing world that brands & companies have roped in their strategy. However, a social media wall is only valuable if you have the desired benefits, such as audience engagement, brand advocacy, social proof, a boost in sales, etc. 

To ensure that you achieve these business objectives, we have created a guide for you involving some latest ideas around which you can build a social media wall. These ideas have brought great results for brands that utilized these, and you could be the next in line. So let’s look at these ideas, understand a social wall, and some tools to create an inspiring social wall. 

What is a social wall?

You can display social media walls to showcase real-time social media content of people’s experiences around a brand in the form of UGC. The feed can be retrieved via hashtags or handles and shown on a digital screen. Any social media network, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, can be used to collect the feed.

A social wall is a captivating way to engage people. Like in the case of an event, it displays attendees’ enthusiasm on a large display screen, encouraging other attendees to write about the event and join in on the fun. One of the main advantages of identifying with a Social Media Wall is word-of-mouth advertising.

Successful Social Wall Ideas

We have gathered a bunch of social wall ideas that have captured attention in recent times. Go through these and find the one that suits your business.

United Nations Foundation’s #EqualEverywhere Social Wall

There are myriad benefits of a social wall, and helping nonprofit organizations ranks high on this list. A social wall engages people by displaying social proof through websites and digital platforms. In addition, a hashtag campaign creates hype about the objective, bringing people together and enhancing the reach of the goal across diverse social media channels. 

United Nations Foundation and the #EqualEverywhere campaign inspire website visitors to engage and fight for equal rights.

GoPro’s social wall

Major brands target customer loyalty, and why not since every brand wants to stay in business for years to come. Hence, displaying reviews, images, and videos from their consumers on the website’s social wall would be a significant step in achieving customer loyalty. 

Go Pro’s social wall is a prime example of this, as they feature the fan-submitted content on their Instagram account, making the customers feel valued.

Rebel Ice Cream Social Wall

Rebel Ice Cream is a pioneer in developing tasty sugar-free and low-carb ice creams. They began their adventure in 2017 with a Kickstarter crowdfunding effort and have since quickly spread across the United States.

Through a social wall, they increased brand exposure and engagement. For example, they encouraged customers to share their photographs and tell the brand’s narrative to their friends through social media channels, owing to a social media feed that collects mentions of @rebelcreamery.

Harvard Kennedy School Virtual Graduation

Realizing that graduating from a university is a crucial milestone in a student’s life, Harvard Kennedy School invited students and their families to celebrate the Class of 2020. By aggregating a feed of images of students celebrating their significant achievements and thoughts on the future, they created a social wall that showcased the joy of the people involved. 

Best Social Wall Creation Tools 

Taggbox Display

If large physical screens at a display on the event floor are your focus, then go for Taggbox Display since it comes with an enlarged UI and is suitable for larger screens. In addition, Taggbox allows you to aggregate, curate with customization options, and display the social feed on large display screens. Automatic scrolling, animations, and slides of social feed in real-time keep the audience engaged.


Wallrus is a free social media wall creation tool specializing in Instagram and Twitter to share feeds based on the hashtag involved. The Wallrus’ value is associated with entertainment events, branding choices, and creative modifying tools to fit walls to the event or venue. The Wallrus has been used in various settings, including concerts and convention halls.


Juicer is another social wall creation tool that uses hashtags for social feed aggregation. However, relying entirely on a very detailed set of analytics to deliver value is one thing that sets Juicer apart from all other social wall creation tools. If the scale of your event is small, then Juicer is ideal for you since it starts for free and has a scalable pricing model.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your website’s visitors and event audience engaged is a tedious task, but with social walls at our disposal, it can be done with maximum ease. We have presented some result-driven social wall ideas and social wall creation tools that would help you select and create an ideal social wall according to your objectives. Best of luck on your social wall venture!