5 Best Things to know About Smart Lockers

An increase in the volume of packages delivered and the emergence of remote work is straining almost every distribution point in the enterprise including that of the postal center. To address this, companies are embracing traditional storage options but with a modern twist: smart lockers designed for business. Discover how lockers in the workplace that have security features built into them have been transforming asset and package distribution, inciting new services using contactless technology, and providing businesses that adopt these lockers a competitive advantage.

Why is what’s driving the “smart lockers to work” trend?

Who could have imagined that the simplest workplace storage unit would become the solution to many of today’s toughest business problems? Who could have imagined that the advent of online shopping would eventually make it necessary for companies to expand their mail facilities to the limit? or that the possibility to work remotely could eventually be a requirement for corporate clients.

Let’s look at in greater detail three key trends driving the demand to have smart lockers for businesses.

Smart lockers to help businesses be powered by e-commerce

The main driver driving companies to implement smart lockers in their operations is eCommerce. The growing e-commerce market together with consumer-friendly incentives such as free shipping has driven package shipping volumes to increase by almost 17% in the year 2020. This trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down the volume of shipping predicted to increase by around 15% by 2024.

If you’re wondering whether your online shopping habits affect the corporate mail center Consider this an interesting Pitney Bowes research that found that one in five people prefer receiving packages at the office rather than at home. This number rises to one-third of the millennials. These percentages are even higher for both groups when they’re dealing with a high-value purchase.

The result? overwhelmed mail centers, misplaced and lost packages, and unhappy employees looking for solutions. If you’re a 500-strong company or a facility management company, the solution to these problems will be the same: you’ll need an efficient method of managing and monitoring packages in the workplace. Smart lockers for parcels designed for business are a safe modern technology that can help businesses automate their delivery process as well as establish a complete chain of custody, and offer employees an easy, non-contact delivery service.

Smart lockers that can be controlled via remote work

Workplace dynamics have changed with the changing habits of shopping and shipping. About 90% of companies are moving to an “hybrid” workforce that blends remote and on-site employees. This type of workforce adds to the issue of distribution of packages. The parcels are delivered, however, there’s a good chance that the recipient won’t be present to pick them up. Smart lockers for businesses to ensure that the contents of the lockers are secure and safe until they collect them.

A bigger issue brought about through remote work that can be solved by a safe smart locker is the management of assets. The distribution and management of assets have always been a problem for employers. The advent of remote work only added to the difficulty. As hybrid workplaces have become more commonplace and the technology evolves, so will smart lockers for parcels be an effective and secure solution to manage IT equipment, supplies, and equipment for both remote and on-site workers.

Smart lockers for businesses now and in the days following Covid-19

Globally, businesses were terribly affected by the pandemic, as well as the mandates and closures that were enacted. The need for social distancing further complicates already challenging enterprise services like package pick-up and asset distribution–especially with so many employees working remotely.

In line at an office or distribution point isn’t only an inconvenience and it could pose a cause of health risks. Being safe isn’t an easy task in a busy center that is designed to handle a lot of packages versus mail. Businesses are rapidly realizing this fact, as is apparent in a recent study that found that 53% of companies are in search of an electronic solution to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors.

Select the best intelligent locker to fit your company

As mentioned in the article, a smart locker is a combination of hardware installation and part deployment of software. To determine the best solution to meet both of these at the highest standard, you must take the following three aspects into consideration:

Integration ease Integration: How easy is it to connect your smart locker system with your existing business systems? Find solutions that put the emphasis on integration with third parties and interoperability.

Scalability and flexibility Scalability and flexibility: Your business is always changing and your locker system must be able to adapt to changing requirements, whether it’s altering a rule in your business or introducing an entirely new service, or simply the addition of an extra door. Make sure you choose solutions that will grow and evolve with your company’s needs.

Capabilities of the provider: most simple and most affordable smart lockers for businesses are those that use one provider that offers combined hardware and software capabilities. Take into consideration overall serviceability, as well as on-site training and support addition.


Making sure employees feel secure and productive, regardless of whether they are working from home or at the office is crucial. It’s the reason over 61% of companies plan to purchase smart lockers to address their business needs.