4 Basic Physics Concepts You Should Know

Surely you know that it eventually falls when you throw a ball, but did you know why that happens? You get the answers from physics. You can learn about the different laws of physics that you can experience without having to understand them, such as gravity fully.


What is Physics?

Physics is one of the broadest fields of study, especially in the natural sciences. It is about studying the material things that surround us and how they are affected by the forces and energies found in the universe.


But the subject is much more than just understanding the basic concepts of physics. If we take the same example that we shared initially, do you think we can know how far the ball will go when it is thrown? Where exactly does it fall and hit the ground? What is the estimated amount of time taken to reach the ground? Yes, it involves a lot of math, but physics has the answers to both the theory and the calculations. Such sciences can be used in various activities, such as sports, manufacturing, medicine, and even in our daily lives.


Let’s look at four fundamental physics concepts that you may enjoy learning or benefit from in your studies and your life.


classical mechanics

Classical mechanics is one of the foremost important belongings you learn in physics. The 17th-century physicist Sir Isaac Newton is credited with discovering how gravity works and the way the laws of motion work. It deals with how different physical objects move or remain stationary in response to their force.


Learn about different terms like speed, acceleration, offset, and more. With this knowledge, humanity has figured out how to start engines, fire bullets, and even understand how planets rotate and orbit.



Electromagnetism studies how electrically charged particles behave and how waves move and interact. It’s a combination of learning how magnets and electricity work, and it’s similar. Both electricity and magnets need positive and negative charges to function.


Have you ever wondered how your home appliances, such as microwave ovens, doorbells, and ceiling fans work? Thanks to physics and especially to the concepts of electromagnetism, these inventions made it possible to make our lives easier. In addition to household appliances, many power trains, X-rays, and large industrial and communications equipment use the electromagnetic principles of physics.



William Thomson is known as the discoverer of the laws of thermodynamics in the mid-18th century.


Thermodynamics is where you study how heat works and how it causes changes in matter.


Have you ever tried to quickly rub your hands together on a cold winter morning to find warmth in your palms? This is a thermodynamics game!


Investigate how physical bodies move, melt, solidify, and shape. In addition, you will know the temperature, work, energy and much more.


Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics study physical properties and behavior, subatomic particles, and the like. Property measures are taken as probabilities rather than absolute numbers in this science.


Much of quantum mechanics is still under investigation. However, it has active applications in optics, cryptography, thermodynamics, computing, etc.


Is it challenging to learn these concepts?

For example, 57,000 students study AP Physics: Mechanics in their high school each year. About 3/4 of the students pass it. Therefore, physics is undoubtedly not an unpopular subject. And to take the physics exam, you may have to dedicate a significant part of your day, seek physics homework help, and study according to the plan.


A physics degree can open the door to some of the most rewarding scientific careers. For example, you can become an astronomer, scientist, design engineer, etc. Maybe your effort is worth it.


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